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We have a flight to catch!

We do not see somebody who is under our nose. They go unnoticed and we never realise their power and wisdom. Raju and Rahim are colleagues. They had a delivery that night so both worked very late, it was 12 AM then Raju said dude “We have a flight to catch!” Yes, we do replayed Rahim. Both packed their laptops and started back home. There is a conference in Pune and the flight is scheduled to take off by 5 AM.

Both of them have to travel 30 Km to reach their respective houses. Raju is married with two little sweet kids. Rahim yet to get married and he reside in Hostel. Raju have to drop him and go back to his house. It is 12:30 AM it is dark and cool, so many of them would have slept by this time. Drivers are accelerating their vehicles as roads are empty. Raju and Rahim seriously discussing on their project and Raju took the bypass way. Rahim asked Raju why you took this route. There might be lorry traffic. Raju said, No it will be empty and we can reach the place very soon.

Moon light is shining like day and the roads reflected the street lamps lights. They saw there is huge traffic with all honking. Raju guessed that could be because of toll plaza. But he is all wrong, something else had happened and the traffic was stretched more than 5 Km. All varieties of vehicles are standing, honking. Some drivers came out and even some fagged. Raju and Rahim stood for more than an hour in the same place they were sandwiched with more and more vehicles.

Rahim got tensed and said, we are going to miss the flight. This is my first flight and I am going to miss it.  Raju said “No, You will not!” We have a flight to catch and we will surely catch it. After saying these words Raju kicked the kicker to start the bike and start to move inside the gaps of big vehicles. Asked few cars to move a bit and kept on moving.

Time passed by and they crossed almost 2 KMs and there is no sign of hope. Raju did not let it go from his heart. He kept on advancing and said we will catch the flight. After couple of hours, they came out of the traffic. They saw a big container with oil spills. Roads are fully covered by oil, and there is only narrow way out. Raju crossed the oil spill area, and he dropped Rahim in his place and reached his home.

They both were on time and caught the flight at right time. This event sounds very simple but let me tell hidden factors inside this event.

Raju always believed they can make it.
He had a problem in his hand; he did not see it as a big problem, all he wanted to cross a single vehicle at a time. Divide your problem, solve it in small small pieces.
Even though Rahim was not certain, he somehow trusted Raju. Never give up on anyone.
Success and failure is not just classification, it is an outcome. And that outcome is the result of your hard work. Never hesitate to TRY!!!

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