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Happy New Year!

There are many interesting thing about New Year. There are many perspectives to New Year. Everyone wanted do something from New Year. Different people deal New Year differently. Some goes to temple/Mosque/Church and do prayers and start their life fresh. Some goes to party and starts the New Year with joy and happy. There are quite a few who sleeps and enjoy the one day holiday. Some goes to hotel and enjoy all the night and welcome the New Year. In southern India many people sit before TV and watch the entire New Year special program.

Taking resolution in the eve of New Year:

Everyone has their own goal and works towards it. When it comes to New Year everyone will have some idea in their mind, that I have to follow this and I have to do it this way. This is nothing but taking resolution. Some take it very seriously and do it and achieve it. Some will have a good start but slowly they will lose it. One Year I asked to my friend that what is your New Year resolution; he said “Control my selves to stop taking new resolution at New Year”. I pondered about it.

Is New Year a real start or just number change?

When I was kid I always think of reset concept. That is very simple but highly imaginary. Reset your brain like Refresh option in Windows8, Where it will keep all the files but core operating system is re-installed. My father should forget about all my mischief and my mother should forget all my sloppy behavior at home. Something to remember and something to forget. I think that won’t work. People will always point at your past. Is New Year a real start or just number change? I leave the Answer to you.

Something can be done.

Whatever may be your concept but something can be done always. Always be true to yourself. Never take a resolution or give promise to yourself that you can’t keep. Every day is new day, thank the almighty that he gave us another day to live and live the best of it.
May this New Year brings all kind of happiness in your life and make you a better person.

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  1. Is New Year a real start or just number change? – It is just a number change. Like you said we have to Reset the things and need to keep the brain freshly. I never ake resolution in New Year. But in 2012 I have taken a resolution to control my anger. I think i have reduced it. This year also i have to follow it.

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