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Have you ever imagined this?

What is this world made of? There are seas, lands, mountains, deserts, plateau, barn lands, volcanoes, glaciers, thick iced regions, island, delta and lot more. What is this nature trying to tell us, why there is no consistency in the nature? Some region get rain fall throughout the year and some region do not get rain at all. Is there an algorithm with drives nature? Why nature is always UN predictable — it out rages us with calamities with earthquake, tsunamis, storm, hurricane, volcanoes, what is it trying to prove.

Humans: No human being is alike one finger prints do not match others is there a reason for that. Have you ever thought of this? Only two phenomenon are common is every humans life; one is birth and the other one is death. Everyone in this world will go through this two. But during the tenure of life humans have very different life. Based on the geographical rift humans are termed differently. The language, culture varies geographically.

Rich is not always rich and poor is not always poor. There is some turn of events in every one’s life that may change their lifestyle. Some may end up in positive and some may in negative. Why life itself has an uncertainty. Some clean gutter to make their living while some do not know what to do with flurry of money. Some work hard in office and some ride all around the city to sell things. What is the motto? What is every one destiny?

I am not scientist to explore why the nature is not consistent in its creation. But I do believe every nature’s creation is for purpose. I think I can give more thoughts on human value. Humans are bound with emotions and compassion for their loved one. That is the factor that drives them. If nature creation is for a purpose then I do believe everyone is different of our own kind, our finger print does not match. Yes we are creations of Mother Nature. Every human’s destiny is to be happy and make other happy the other here may be their kin or friends. What brings happiness in humans; for some it is money, for some it is luxury, for some it is love, for some it is their passion and for some it is food there is no consistently?

Nature is not consistent as well as humans but we learned to live with it. It is every one responsibility to understand their purpose of the common phenomenon which is birth. And aim for that and achieve that. For doing that they should not interfere/suppress/trash some one’s life and attain their aim. Even though they made it to the finish line if there is no one to clap then where is happiness. Let us tell nature! I am your best creation and here I come to make you proud! Let us Do what we dream for.

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