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Are we all copycats?

Have you ever thought this? How did you acquire writing, reading and speaking skills? How did you grab hold of your language? What is your mother tongue? Have we ever learned anything new? During my childhood days my father is my superhero for me. I would dream of my father is fighting with bad people, even with aliens. It made a great impact in my life. I learned many things from my dad do that me a copycat.

What is learning?

If someone teaches us what we do? We try to assimilate that. Is that called learning? Learning is nothing but “Gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.” Everything comes to us by copying something. Someone inculcate that and we see that and try to mimic that then we are said we have learned something.

Everything is COPY and PASTE:

Everything in this world is copy and paste. If you are trying to cook then you are copying your mother’s recipe and pasting it or apply it. So absorption and reproduction take place. You may ask a question are we doing anything new. Yes! Imagination is something which we do on our own but the events has impact based on your experience but ultimately your experience is nothing but an accumulation of customized self which is based on what you learned.

Do better:

Even though we learn through others how do we show our uniqueness? Do some innovation in the existing system. Try to make it better. If your mother recipe is good add some new ingredients and make it better. You are now creating something new so that you can teach that to the next generation and it will evolve and it will be a very good solution. So do better and teach other. Let us be a copycat but make a better solution out of it and become a better source for copycat.

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