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How to cheat your brain

I always love to write about our brain pattern, how it works. And I always have this question is there another self inside us? Who is constantly with us from inside. Your brain can fool you sometimes and you want to believe what you see. But reality is always different.

When it goes in to depression, how will you overcome it? Some say you have to think positive. But I think positive thinking is short-lived and it easily perishable. So how to over come from depression and anxiety?

Answer is not that simple. You have to cheat your brain, but how? There is a 3D principle you can adopt.
It might look easy, but each has it own weight. You have to distract your brain from going back to the same old thinking. You have to be determined to always get distracted. Never get discouraged.

Dedicate everything to get things done, do some thing something tangible like painting, sculpture, writing and much more so you can always look back and train your brain. In this way you can cheat your own brain and overcome tough times. #Philosophy #cheatyourbrain #Livebetter

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