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Do you TRUST me?

Have you ever asked this question to any one? If so what is the answer that you have got. I am sure you would have positive answer which is YES. Let us talk about what is TRUST? The plain meaning says it is belief, faith and hope. Now you would have got some idea. Let me bring some attribute for trust, what is truth. Is trust and truth has any relation. If so how does that go hand in hand?

If your mom asks where did you go last night, what will you say? How many of us say the truth. If you lie to her and if she finds out that you have lied then do you think she will lose trust in you. So you agree there is some relation between truth and the trust. I would say truth is base for TRUST. Trust can be gained by many ways.

If your friend is good at driving then you will not care how he drives you will concentrate on something else. How did you gained that trust in him. Trust can be earned through time. You see many instances how he drives and you will be confident enough that he will drive better in any circumstances. Consistent action will set the trust in your brain. And the attitude of the person will also gain trust. How is if a person does not lie and he is straight forward then he will gain trust.

Love and trust go hand in hand. If a boy loves a girl then there will be a trust level. I would say the girl trust that, he is the right match, and he will take care of her. The boy trusts that the girl is the perfect match for him. And she will take good care of him. The trust plays very important when it comes to emotions and relations. If the trust level goes down then the intimacy between the two people will diminish.

Behavior of the person will also decide the trust. There are two things you have to know one is how to trust other and making yourself trustworthy. Wining ones trust is not a simple task, that involves a lot of commitment and it has to come from heart. You make a point that you will speak truth at any circumstances I know that is very hard but life is a mixture of both reality and fake. You should be confident that you can win ones trust.

Let us all trust each other and get trusted by speaking truth. Let us try!

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